The city near Giewont is becoming more and more friendly to cyclists. Only this year has been created several routes that can be traversed on two wheels without worrying about fast driving cars.

Bike enthusiasts do not need to be told how dangerous it is to ride a two-wheeler on public roads. Narrow lanes make the drivers push down the shoulders and curbs of cyclists.
With them in mind, an infrastructure is created in Zakopane that will allow safe driving.

New bike paths

Only this year, for the use of cyclists, four new fragments of bicycle and bicycle-pedestrian routes have been completed. The first bicycle path was created from the roundabout to them. John Paul II to Kuźnice. Separated belt from the pavement allows for safe driving with a two-wheeler.
There were also three episodes of cycling and walking routes. They operate on the upper and lower Równia Krupowa and along ul. Bronisław Czech. Although bikers have to share space with pedestrians, it is certainly better than driving between cars.

Bicycle plan for Zakopane

wypożyczalnia rowerów zakopane

Thanks to the bicycle paths currently under construction and cycling and walking routes, Zakopane can become a place conducive to bicycle escapades.
Soon, cyclists are to be able to pass from the bus and train station to Kuźnice without collision. In addition, a bicycle center is to be set up next to the station offering rental, sale and bicycle repair.

Bike rentals are created

One of the places frequented by cyclists is Gubałówka and the route led by the summit to Kościelisko. The views stretching out to Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains amaze lovers of two wheels.
This year, a bicycle rental company was also established there, which not only offers tourists the opportunity to ride bicycles, but also shows which way to go.

– We have prepared several routes to choose from. Depending on your age and condition, we advise delicate, scenic or slightly more demanding routes

– say Jan Pieprzak from bike rental company .

– In addition, we are the only ones who provide bicycle pickup after the exit from Gubałówka on Krupówki.

– he adds